Activity trips

Biking and wine tasting trip See more

  • Half day biking trip
  • Enjoy in countryside experience
  • Wine and home made products tasting

Take a bike tour in pituresque Konavle region, just half an hour driving from Dubrovnik, it is the best way to see, explore and taste countryside life. You will ride accompained by local guide at a relaxed pace, stops are make every few kilometers on each place of interest.

Biking and wine tasting trip

Konavle Hills See more

  • Full day hiking trip in hills and mountains in Dubrovnik region
  • Highest mountain in southern Croatia
  • Enjoy in great views to areas around (Dubrovnik area with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro)

Explore scenic Dubrovnik countryside and mountain region of the highest peak in southern Croatia. Mount Snjeznica is beautiful mountain above the Adriatic coast and Konavle valley, just 45 min driving from Dubrovnik and after 2.5h hiking you will enjoy in spectacular views to Croatian coast, islands and two other countries: Montenegro & Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Konavle Hills

Dubrovnik sky ride See more

  • Half day biking trip
  • Start from highest peak above Dubrovnik town
  • Spectacular views
  • Cycling in countryside

If during your stay in Dubrovnik you plan to enjoy in best views to the Dubrovnik old town and surrounding area, visit beautiful hills and villages of Dubrovnik countryside, there is simply no better - or more scenic - way to get there! This tour has it all, combining soft down hill biking with some challenging parts, history and sightseeing.

Dubrovnik sky ride

Dubrovnik sea kayak safari See more

  • Half day sea kayak trip
  • Start from St. Jacob beach
  • Exploring the island Lokrum
  • See the old town and city walls from the sea

Discover unreachable caves and hidden beaches by paddling near impressive sea rocks. Experience the cultural-historical sights from a new perspective. Touch the untouched nature in this unique way and raise your holiday experience to a new level. These trips are offering relaxation and swimming at the most attractive locations of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik sea kayak safari

Old Dubrovnik aqueduct hike See more

  • Half day hiking trip
  • Exploring the hills above Dubrovnik
  • Spectacular views to river Ombla, Elaphite islands, Dubrovnik port area with modern bridge

This walking tour takes you to hills above Dubrovnik, walking path actually follows the old Dubrovnik waters supply system, it is a system of the water channels covered by stone slabs. Built in the 15th century, aqueduct was most important way how to supply Dubrovnik with fresh water from the spring in village Sumet above town.

Old Dubrovnik aqueduct hike

Hiking tour on the island of Lopud See more

  • Full day hiking trip
  • Hike on the beautiful Elaphite island of Lopud
  • See the old towns, forts, churhes and pine forests

This tour will reveal a hidden natural beauties of one of the most beautiful islands in Dubrovnik archipelago. The island belongs to the group of islands known as Elaphiti and is the 2nd larger inhabited island. It represents a true Adriatic summer feel, full of Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, amazing cypress and pine parks and citrus gardens which form the landscape of this magnificent island. It is no wonder then that in the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik this island was a preferred spot of the patrician families to build summer residences.

Hiking tour on the island of Lopud

Food & Wine - Tastes of Croatia

Taste of countryside See more

  • Scenic ride through contryside
  • Wines and home made products, traditional lunch
  • See how locals live

Feel the traditional cusine and way of life in scenic countryside of Dubrovnik known as Konavle area.

Taste of countryside

Dubrovnik history & wine tour See more

  • Half day trip
  • Dubrovnik historic tour
  • See & explore best sites in Dubrovnik
  • Taste local wines

This tour will reveal the finest sites of the Old City of Dubrovnik in combination of historical facts of this UNESCO gem and traditional way of life.

Dubrovnik history & wine tour

Peljesac wine & oyster tour See more

  • Enjoy in full day trip with our guide
  • See the town of Ston with longest city walls in Europe
  • Amazing sea bays with shell farms and salt pools
  • Visit two local wine producers and taste best wines from Peljesac peninsula

This tour takes you to Pelješac peninsula a worldwide famous are of the red wines and oysters, this area is famous by longest European city walls and old salt works. The tour drives you along the coast to town Ston after a short walking tour through the narrow streets of town Ston you will continue the road between stone vineyards to village Ponikve where we visit local wine producer...

Peljesac wine tour

Cultural sightseeing

Dubrovnik Old Town and panorama See more

  • Half day trip, story about town
  • Views to Dubrovnik from the hill
  • Best place to take photo of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Old town and panorama tour is must see tour for all visitors who whish to explore part of this Mediterranean gem. This tour will reveal the finest sites of the old walled City as well as give an opportunity to view it from above at the spectacular panoramic spot.

Dubrovnik Old Town and panorama

Korcula – Birth place of Marco Polo See more

  • Full day trip along Peljesac peninsula to Korcula island
  • Korcula town, birth place of Marco Polo
  • Scenic drive along the vineyard area

The medieval walled town of Korcula is considered the birth place of Marco Polo, It provides as many historical landmarks as Dubrovnik. Korcula town is the historical centre of the one of the greenest Croatian island, rich in cultural heritage and tradition of maritime and shipbuilding, Korcula town is placed of UNESCO tenative list.

Korcula – Birth place of Marco Polo

Konavle archeological tour See more

  • Half day trip in most southern part of Croatia
  • Stone villages and cypress trees forests
  • 3 archeological sites

Konavle is the most southern Croatian region, area was in possession of the Dubrovnik Republic since the first half of 15th century, when it was bought from Bosnian dignitaries in 1419 and 1426. As such it is a part of Croatia. Konavle region is very old, available historical traces are telling about the life in this region even from Paleolithic and Neolithic times (over four thousand years before Common Era). We can track the concrete course of the history in Konavle from the fifth and fourth century before Common Era on, when this area was populated by the Illyrian tribes of the Plereians and the Ardians, while the Romans submitted the Illyrians in the second century before Common Era.

Konavle archeological tour

Neighborhood (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro)

Mostar & Počitelj – West meets Orient See more

  • Full day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Visit to fortified town Pocitelj and town Mostar with old bridge and Turkish old center
  • Scenic drive along the coast, valley of river Neretva and hilly landscapes

Mostar is the most beautiful town in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Old Bridge Area and Mostar's old town were proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mostar is a bilingual town, place where the east meets west, divided by the Neretva River. This historic town, spanning a deep valley of the Neretva River, developed in the 15th and 16th century as an Ottoman frontier town and during the Austro-Hungarian period in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Počitelj is the oriental-style town, Pocitelj is located about half an hour's drive from Mostar, less than 30km south on the M-17 road towards the Adriatic. This unique settlement, listed as a UNESCO heritage site and recent reconstruction has returned the town to its original form. Besides its stunning oriental architecture and Ottoman feel, Pocitelj hosts the longest operating art colony in southeast Europe.

Mostar & Počitelj

Montenegro (Boka bay) See more

  • Full day to Montenegro
  • Scenic drive along the bay of Boka
  • Sightseeing of town Perast and Kotor
  • UNESCO protected area of Montenegro coast

Montenegro offers natural beauty combined with history in less than one hour's drive from Dubrovnik. The drive around the Bay of Kotor with its small picturesque villages along the way will uncover beautiful landscapes that will leave you astonished.

Boka Kotorska region is under protection of UNESCO, due to its very rich Croatian cultural heritage. The region around the town of Kotor is situated in probably the most beautiful fjord in Europe. In 1979 there was an earthquake that destroyed or seriously damaged numerous cultural monuments.

Montenegro (Boka bay)

Balkan day trip See more

  • 3 countries in one day
  • Full day trip from Dubrovnik
  • Towns: Pocitelj, Mostar, Kotor
  • Explore different cultures, history and places

See the 3 countries in one day on your Balkan day trip from Dubrovnik. Traveling by coach and expert guide you will visit oriental towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Počitelj and Mostar, after that we continue drive along the valley of Popovo Polje and town Trebinje to mountain region of Montenegro and triangle of 3 countries. From there we continue down by the mountain road to the caostal area of Montenegro where we explore bay of Boka and town Kotor.